Kyle Richards’ Texts to Dorit Kemsley Deemed ‘Manipulative & Calculated’—Full Details Revealed Even Bethenny Frankel Weighs In on the Controversy.

Kyle Richards’ Texts to Dorit Kemsley Deemed ‘Manipulative & Calculated’—Full Details Revealed Even Bethenny Frankel Weighs In on the Controversy.

In the latest twist of RHOBH’s season 13 finale, Kyle Richards’s messages to Dorit Kemsley have sparked intense scrutiny. Dorit unveiled the complete text exchange with the original Housewife, shedding light on their strained dynamics.

Kyle Richards’ Texts to Dorit Kemsley Deemed ‘Manipulative & Calculated’—Full Details RevealedEven Bethenny Frankel Weighs In on the Controversy.
Kyle Richards’ Texts to Dorit Kemsley Deemed ‘Manipulative & Calculated’—Full Details Revealed
Even Bethenny Frankel Weighs In on the Controversy.

The Real Housewives franchise, which debuted in 2006 with The Real Housewives of Orange County, has since expanded to include cities across the United States, maintaining a strong presence in the reality TV landscape. Kyle Richards, as one of the longest-serving Housewives, discussed the show’s impact on her personal and public life in an interview with Yahoo’s In The Know, reflecting on the challenges of navigating public scrutiny and maintaining authenticity amid evolving storylines.


Following the season 13 finale, Dorit Kemsley made public Kyle Richards’ messages to her, setting the stage for intense discussion during the reunion episodes. So, what exactly did Kyle Richards say in her texts? Read on for the full disclosure.

What Kyle Richards Texted Dorit Kemsley “Soirees and Separations” Episode 1317 — Pictured: (l-r) Dorit Kemsley, Kyle Richards PHOTO : NICOLE WEINGART/BRAVO The text exchange initiated with Kyle expressing a desire to address their strained relationship, particularly in light of her ongoing divorce from Mauricio Umansky.


“I wanted to reach out because we were in a weird place,” Kyle began. She delved into how her marital issues impacted her friendships.

“I wanted to explain where I am at and why I have been distant but my hands are tied,” Kyle’s message continued. “Of course, some interview comments hurt my feelings and created more issues for me but I am used to that and could get past it in time. I also [reminded] myself that you didn’t know what I was going through with Mauricio at the time for most of these remarks. But then I heard some things that you said about me off-camera that hurt me deeply and I wasn’t even able to say what I heard or from whom. It was one of those things [where] I wished I just didn’t know at all because I wasn’t able to share and yet I was left hurt and couldn’t even try to work through it with you.”

“It’s as frustrating to me as it will be to you. Trust me,” Kyle’s text continued. “I have gone through such a hard time Dorit. I’ve been in so much pain[.] I can’t tell you. Never have I felt so low. And I know you are also going through [a] hard time. Normally I would have reached out to check on you but I was hurt and very depressed.”

“I’ve spent 30 years with Moe. Married 28 and I have no idea how to live without him or how to navigate through life on my own because I have so much on my plate for tomorrow and I know you do too,” Kyle’s message reads. “I love you, [Paul “PK” Kemsley] and your kids so much. I’ve been thinking about you a lot and hoping you aren’t struggling too much.”

“Relationships and YOU are more important to me than RHOBH and I don’t feel like ‘bringing it’ for the [sic] at our expense,” she concluded. “Especially when we have enough battles to handle as it is.”

Dorit Kemsley’s Reaction to Kyle Richards’ Texts Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, Crystal Minkoff PHOTO : CASEY DURKIN/BRAVO “There’s stuff with Kyle and I that’s going on and it hurts and bothers me the most,” Dorit commented to Erika Jayne in a preview of the reunion. “I haven’t heard from her in a couple of months. Then, she sends me a text yesterday, basically trying to silence me. It was so manipulative, it was so calculated.”

Bethenny Frankel’s Response to Kyle Richard’s Texts “The Real Housewives of New York City,” Bethenny Frankel IMAGE: RODOLFO MARTINEZ/BRAVO. Former Real Housewives of New York City cast member Bethenny Frankel addressed the controversy on her TikTok. “I cannot believe a private, personal, emotional, heartfelt, guttural text from Kyle to a friend off camera when not working, when not filming, was aired. What a violation!”

She continued, “When you’re working, you’re working, and that’s vile enough. But when you’re not working, and you’re off the clock, are they also going to own your thoughts? That’s a private text. That’s insane! And Kyle is [Bravo’s] favorite — imagine how they treat their least favorites.”

Teddi Mellencamp’s Response to Kyle Richards’ Texts “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Teddi Mellencamp IMAGE: JOHN TSIAVIS/BRAVO. Teddi Mellencamp addressed the situation on her podcast, “Two Ts in a Pod.” “This is the part that really bothers me about all of this,” she said about Dorit’s decision to publicize the texts. I think that was Dorit’s final Hail Mary of like, ‘You guys have to keep me on the show because here I am spilling something that you never should have spilled.’”

She disagreed about the “silencing” attempt, adding, “This is saying, ‘Listen, we have a lot of other s–t to talk about. Why do you need to drag our friendship through the mud right now?’”

“I don’t think she has a good relationship with the majority of the women on the cast. I don’t think she has a story line other than the PTSD, which she’s been talking about for three years now,” referring to the 2021 burglary attempt. “You start to think about what makes the show good. When there’s true relationships, true friendships and highs and lows. All we’ve seen so far this season of Dorit is Dorit mocking what Kyle is going through.”

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