Dsquared2 Fall/Winter 2024 Menswear – Sometimes Twins Aren’t Meant to Be Alike

Dsquared2 Fall/Winter 2024 Menswear – Sometimes Twins Aren't Meant to Be Alike

Amidst the turbulent wave of “quiet-luxury,” the day-to-day life of twins at the Dsquared2 Fall/Winter 2024 Menswear runway brings back the joy that the fashion world has almost lost.

Dsquared2 Fall/Winter 2024 Menswear – Sometimes Twins Aren't Meant to Be Alike
Dsquared2 Fall/Winter 2024 Menswear – Sometimes Twins Aren’t Meant to Be Alike

Since the end of 2022, from Alessandro Michele’s final show as the creative helm, perhaps no fashion house has transformed its runway into a parade of twin pairs. The excitement of a unique concept show is hard to come by. That was until the unveiling of the Fall/Winter 2024 menswear collection by the duo Dean and Dan Caten for the brand Dsquared2. Drawing inspiration from their own parallel lives, the twin designer brothers showcase a unique creative language and a rebellious Camp spirit through the twin models.

“This season, we drew inspiration from ourselves,” the designer duo shared backstage. However, the twin motif is not interpreted in the traditional way by Dean and Dan Caten; instead, they explore less-discussed aspects. “People tend to describe twins as identical, leading similar lives in every detail. But in reality, we are different individuals with distinct personalities and lifestyles. This show is an opportunity for us to express our diverse facets through everyday wear and evening styles, featuring the participation of twin models,” the twin designers added.

By exploring contrasting aspects within twin pairs, the Dsquared2 Fall/Winter 2024 collection is also divided into two completely opposite aesthetics, between rugged and sophisticated, gritty and glamorous, and between mundane and elegant. Dean and Dan emphasize, “What we love most is creating different styles within our collection.” Instead of having twin models walk together on the runway, Dean and Dan Caten express their stylistic contrast through a transformative “transformation machine.”

Placed in the middle of a pristine white runway, Dsquared2 introduces the transformation machine to perform a magical 1-0-2 transformation. Before stepping into the machine, the runway show opens Milan Fashion Week’s Fall/Winter 2024 Menswear with a rugged style, oversized silhouettes, layered outfits, and distressed details. As they step out of the machine, in a matter of moments and a few flashes of light, they emerge with a surprisingly glamorous and refined appearance. Subdued, muddy layers transform into elegant evening gowns with sweeping trains, smooth waistbands, provocative neckline cutouts, and shimmering fabrics.

Nowadays, top designers are rushing to change directions, focusing on exploring minimalist interpretations in every design line to make fashion more practical and versatile. However, amidst the strong pressure of “quiet-luxury,” Dsquared2 remains true to its rebellious, Camp spirit, continuing to shine on the runway with a sensuous, authentically indulgent style. If you find yourself skeptical and nostalgic for entertaining, concept-heavy runway shows, disappearing in favor of dull and straightforward runways, Dsquared2 and their shows will captivate you, bringing the joy of fashion back.

The twin designer duo, consistent with their brand’s distinctive design signatures, features phrases like “Lord” found on metal details on wool hats, tiny metal flower-shaped embellishments with chain eyes, reminiscent of the fabric-less tops seen in the previous show, and buttoned-down jeans revealing another pair of jeans. Even in a winter collection, the skin remains a “hot” accessory and the highlight of Dsquared2.

It wouldn’t be a Dsquared2 collection without design rules strongly influenced by the Western aesthetic. The new menswear collection is no exception. It includes cowboy-style pants adorned with rugged cargo details and provocative super-short shorts. They are held together by enormous gold belts, bearing the brand’s Gothic insignia. Throughout the collection, Dean and Dan define masculinity by juxtaposing hot attractiveness with refined, sophisticated beauty and a wild, carefree spirit.

In the earth-toned, rugged spectrum before the transformation, Dsquared2 captures hearts with denim outfits processed with remarkable rips, studs, and elaborate patchwork (including details covered in mud and snow). The freedom of denim blends harmoniously with checkered shirts, stylized knit sweaters, and distressed tank tops in worn cotton fabric. Fair Isle knitwear sometimes comes to life under the shadow of outerwear with fringe details or standout white fur accents. Athletic influences deeply penetrate the collection with sports shirts and crop tops, paired with super-short shorts or oversized fur hats. These are styles styled in a maximalist manner, echoing the nostalgic beauty of grandpacore wardrobes, easily found in every nook and cranny of “living fashion archives” – Pinterest. With an earthtone palette and voluminous puffer silhouettes, feather details, and dynamic animal print elements, Dsquared seems to be depicting fairytale huntsmen, making the appearance of snowplow operators incredibly chic.

On the other side of the spectrum, Dsquared2 showcases the nightlife of twin couples. Everyday outfits are upgraded to luxurious, classy looks, ready for upcoming extravagant parties. Denim jackets transform into black blazers, muddy short pants become sequin-adorned wide-leg trousers; meanwhile, black faux leather head-covering dresses take center stage in Dsquared Fall/Winter 2024 Menswear. Black dominates the opposite pole of the magnet. The mystery of black is found in body-hugging dresses, deep-cut to reveal sparkling jewelry adorned with dazzling stones for the girls; in contrast, a sequin maxi dress provides an ideal highlight for the clubs. For the guys, Dsquared2 creates looks inspired by the ’70s, including stylish shirts or vests and flared, studded trousers, shimmering like disco balls on the dance floor. Additionally, their black suits become more alluring with thin materials. Sexy, luxurious, sophisticated embellishments, the twin pairs of Dsquared2 Fall/Winter 2024 Menswear created an unforgettable night with seductive tailoring, premium materials, and intricate details.

Dsquared2 Menswear Fall/Winter 2024 concludes with an unmissable transformation act by the founder duo. Dan Caten strides down the runway in a sheer, enticing shirt and snug black jeans. As he steps to the other side of the room, Dean Caten appears as a true diva, with fiery red hair and a black cut-out bodysuit revealing fantastic legs, confidently strutting in towering high-heeled shoes. “Perhaps Dean is more assertive and theatrical, while I am a bit more composed and serious. I think these different personalities are what make our bond perfect. Because those differences help us support, motivate, and uplift each other for mutual growth,” shared Dan Caten about the dissimilarities between the two.

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