Are Chelsea & Trevor Still Together From Love Is Blind? Here’s Whether She Left Jimmy For Her Ex

Are Chelsea & Trevor Still Together From Love Is Blind? Here’s Whether She Left Jimmy For Her Ex

While their connection was undeniable upon their first reunion post-Pods, the lingering question remains: Are Chelsea and Trevor still together from Love Is Blind Season 6, and what’s the aftermath of their dynamic alongside Jimmy? As is often the case with Love Is Blind’s intricate relationships, the answer proves elusive. Dive in to discover whether Chelsea and Trevor are together from Love Is Blind Season 6 and unravel the post-filming journey they embarked on.

Are Chelsea & Trevor Still Together From Love Is Blind? Here’s Whether She Left Jimmy For Her Ex
Are Chelsea & Trevor Still Together From Love Is Blind? Here’s Whether She Left Jimmy For Her Ex


Chelsea Blackwell and Trevor Sova, contestants on Love Is Blind Season 6, initially encountered each other within The Pods but didn’t solidify an engagement. Chelsea pledged her commitment to Jimmy Presnell, leaving Trevor unattached. Nevertheless, their narrative didn’t conclude there.

Love Is Blind, debuting in February 2020, introduced a unique reality TV dating premise where around 30 individuals engage in accelerated courtship within secluded “Pods,” fostering connections devoid of physical appearance. Over a span of 10 days, couples navigate pivotal decisions on potential engagements, still without sight of each other.

Following the proposal phase, couples convene in person for the first time, embarking on a resort getaway to deepen their understanding of one another and mingle with fellow pairs. Subsequently, the pairs, cohabiting in the same locale, transition back to reality, delving into familial introductions and wedding preparations. At the ceremony’s altar, the couples confront the ultimate choice: to wed or part ways, grappling with the timeless inquiry of whether love transcends appearances.

Love Is Blind Wine Glass $32+ Buy Now Since its debut, Love Is Blind emerged as one of Netflix’s highest-rated series, amassing over 30 million views within its inaugural two months. Creator Chris Coelen reflected on the show’s universal appeal, highlighting the innate human desire to be cherished for intrinsic qualities. He remarked, “Everyone wants to be loved for who they are on the inside. It doesn’t matter where you live, what you look like, how old you are, what your background is… everyone wants to be loved for who they are.”


Returning to Chelsea and Trevor’s narrative, the lingering query arises: Are Chelsea and Trevor together from Love Is Blind Season 6? Their initial face-to-face encounter exuded palpable chemistry. Continue exploring the aftermath of Chelsea and Trevor’s journey post-entanglement with Jimmy.

Are Chelsea and Trevor together from Love Is Blind Season 6? Trevor, Chelsea – Love Is Blind PHOTO : COURTESY OF NETFLIX. Are Chelsea and Trevor still together from Love Is Blind Season 6? Chelsea and Trevor, while originating their connection within The Pods, abstained from an engagement. Chelsea’s affections gravitated towards Jimmy Presnell, leading to a decisive split with Trevor. Their inaugural in-person rendezvous unfolded in Episode 11 of Love Is Blind Season 6, amidst a communal gathering featuring fellow cast members, including Jess. This meeting transpired amidst the backdrop of Chelsea and Jimmy’s tumultuous relationship, fraught with insecurities stemming from Jimmy’s perceived waning attraction post-unveiling.


During their Episode 11 rendezvous, Chelsea and Trevor revisited their Pod separation. Trevor, grappling with Chelsea’s choice, sought clarity: “Your decision doesn’t make sense to me. That doesn’t mean it was the wrong decision,” he mused, prompting Chelsea’s admission of conflicting emotions: “I fell for two people.” Trevor broached a pivotal question posed within The Pods: Would their trajectory have diverged had he proposed first? Chelsea’s response underscored a pre-existing dialogue with Jimmy: “There wouldn’t have been because Jimmy and I had a conversation,” she divulged, acknowledging Trevor’s past prominence in her affections. Their exchange, marked by introspection and acknowledgment of divergent paths, hinted at an amicable resolution, though viewers remained captivated by the potential alternate outcome had Chelsea not chosen Jimmy.

As of the present, both Chelsea and Trevor maintain mutual social media connections, indicative of at least an amicable rapport. Trevor’s February 2024 Instagram post, tagging both Chelsea and Jimmy, prompted speculation on the nature of their interaction: “Who’s excited for new episodes dropping tomorrow? What do you think happens during this interaction?” he captioned an image capturing an affectionate embrace with Chelsea amidst a social gathering. Furthermore, Trevor’s Instagram Story featured an endearing glimpse of his canine companion, aptly named Chelsea, sourced from @humanecharlotte. “Also, for those asking. This was my Chelsea. She was from @humanecharlotte and is a Great Dane/boxer,” Trevor captioned the heartwarming video, reinforcing his connection with Chelsea through shared social media engagement.

Chelsea, likewise, sustains online connectivity with both Jimmy and Trevor, symbolizing a semblance of continued camaraderie. While Jimmy demonstrates engagement with Chelsea’s Instagram content through likes spanning from December 2023 to February 2024, Chelsea reciprocated with a single like towards Jimmy’s New York City post in January 2024. Chelsea’s social media activity, including liked posts featuring promotional material for Love Is Blind Season 6, underscores her ongoing involvement in the shared narrative.

Interestingly, both Jimmy and Chelsea extend their online presence to encompass Jess and Trevor. Reciprocal social media followings between all parties hint at sustained connections beyond the confines of Love Is Blind, fueling speculation and intrigue amongst dedicated viewers.

Chelsea’s multifaceted persona, encapsulated by her roles as a flight attendant and event planner, underscores her quest for enduring companionship juxtaposed with a fervent passion for independent exploration. Her Love Is Blind biography underscores her unwavering pursuit of a partner capable of dismantling her emotional barriers and fostering intimacy on a profound level.

Trevor, a project manager by profession, sheds light on his transformative journey from casual dalliances to a steadfast commitment towards a lifelong partner. His dedication to physical fitness and compassion towards children with disabilities emerge as defining facets of his character, alongside his aspirations for a partner aligned with his ambitious trajectory.

Through the lens of Love Is Blind Season 6, Chelsea and Trevor’s narrative navigates intricate relational dynamics, punctuated by introspection and self-discovery amidst the pursuit of enduring love.

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